Saturday, 28 April 2012

Checking Back

Time flies! I didn't realize how quickly one gets busy with life. I apologise to those who left me their email IDs and never heard back from me. I simply forgot to check my email after a few days of writing my last post. You'll be hearing from me shortly, inshallah! Those who included their email addresses in their comments, I have avoided approving your comments for now so that your emails are not solicited.

As a quick review, I've spoken to a few brothers over the last few months but perhaps only the last two are worth mentioning because of certain similarities. Both seemed like good brothers and appeared to be interested in speaking to me however somewhere shortly down the line, both backed out of communicating further rather abruptly. This has somewhat left me confused. I'm guessing they may have been communicating with other single sisters at the same time which led them eventually focus on others.

What are your thoughts on communicating with more than one person simultaneously? Is it smart, insensitive or just plain wrong?