Friday, 25 December 2009

Fastrack's Filthy Ads

Frankly, this has nothing to do with marriage. Lately, on Indian TV, they've been promoting stupidity in the name of an ad.

The ads are basically guys and girls talking about how they are cheating on one another and breaking up with them on a website. I thought THAT would be controversial. But when I went on the website, which is for watches & sunglasses (Confused? Well, their tag line is "move on"), they are holding a contest asking the public to create videos about breaking up with someone & moving on in real or fiction. :S All that for a chance to be on TV.

There are a few videos online already. So far, it seems it's all guys. Thankfully, the videos I saw were not as horrendous as the ads.

Check it out:

For people who think, living back home or in the middle east is better because there's less fitnah, think again. Fitnah is pretty much in every part of the world. I hate to think this will one day become part of the Desi culture.


Salma said...

Not cool at all. I don't even know where to begin, he's just a kid. Weird.

It's really hard raising kids in this environment, but I guess we do our best.

AlabasterMuslim said...

i thought it was kind of funny actually. haha
and to me it seems that it already is part of the desi culture. Those movies can get pretty dirty.

single4now said...

Salma - the link I posted was of the ad so he's probably just a model. To see the actual people, I think you have to click on contest tab or something.

Alabaster Muslim - yea, it's already crept in actually and it's pretty unfortunate. But it's not open. India is still pretty conservative and the public just needs an excuse to riot. I think just a while back, in Mumbai, the guys (associated with political parties) were not allowing girls to wear western clothes and were forcing them to go back home and such. In a way, it's good if they are trying to promote haya but perhaps their methods aren't the best. And it doesn't help that in movies, actresses are dressed sensually.

y said...

Wow. These ads are quite disgusting and filthy.

I'm not really surprised though. I figured out long ago that just because someone's parents are muslim, or they wear a hijab or beard or whatever, doesn't mean they act and behave different from everyone else. There was actually a time when I thought muslims were all perfect...back before college when i didn't know any except for my parents.

anyway, not trying to dampen the mood here or anything, but i couldn't think of anything positive to say.

single4now said...

^ Very true. I used to think everyone's awesome before college too. lol.

NidalM said...


Desi guys trying to act totally FOBby


Imperfect Stepford Wife said...

Ok. I saw the actual ads, even more disturbing. I think the women are portrayed even worse (is that the feminist in me)?


Adiba said...

oh my gosh.. that just seems harsh and absolutely wrong but I'm not entirely surprized by things like that anymore.

It's just another type of "reality tv" of sorts, but I never thought it would be used like that.
on another note tho your blog is beautiful :)

single4now said...

Nidal - do they have to "act" fobby? lol.

Salma - I have to agree. They are shown to be pretty bad. Considering how Indians make a big deal about really small and stupid things, I'm surprised so far no one has bashed this ad publically.

Adiba - yes, I suppose it's something of the sort. Just wish they had thought of some other way to promote their watches & sunglasses. :S And thank you for the compliment. I'm glad you like it. :D