Friday, 11 March 2011

Cheesy Conversations

It's hard to take men seriously when they say cheesy things in their messages. Sometimes it's annoying and other times it makes me laugh at them. I know this sounds bad but imagine a guy calling a girl "princess" or a girl calling a guy "hunk" during a serious communication about marriage. It's sounds so silly and weird and unnecessary. And it makes you wonder if these people are even serious or is this something they say to every person they speak to. Is it their ice breaker because they have nothing relevant to speak of and have no idea what they are looking for?

I've been contacted by such people for a while now but sometimes people just go over the top and this one particular person just landed straight into dreamland. His message to me was just so damn cheesy, I can't consider him as a serious potential anymore. I don't even know how to respond. It's so ridiculous. I'm stumped.


Inzi said...

Assalamualaikum Single4Now,

Hope you are doing well,with the blessings of the almighty.

Was the conversation that cheesy with your friend? I Dont really know, i think the the use of the word,"Hunk", "Princess". "Sweetpie"
etc.. are from the movies, The guy in the movie gets the girl most of the time,We copy far too much from the movies..haha..
I liked the way you ended your post,"Its So ridiculous.I'm Stumped".. Shows you're quite frustrated.
Dont worry,Allah will guide you towards someone better..When one door closes another will open.Inshaallah.

btw,if u dont mind me asking,how do they get in touch with you?Is it through this blog?

Haych said...

Salam sis
Guys saying cheesy stuff in an initial conversation is a real turn off, actually, it would be a turn off even if he started to say such stuff later on. I think only an actual husband can get away with it, but to all others puhlease it's a strict....."Don't call me babe" kind of an attitude.


Haych said...

Salaamun alayk
Maybe some guys (and girls) are trying too hard, and in their eagerness to impress, say some weird things, assuming the other person will get flattered?

single4now said...

Inzi - no, it wasn't with a friend. Well, this particular one got in touch with me through a website. I kinda laughed when I read it but I'm just not sure if these lines actually work on people.

Walaikumasalam Haych,
I think you are right. People are making the wrong kind of effort in trying to impress someone. Flattery will only get you so far. Unless one isn't really looking for much.