Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Eid Mubarak to my dear blog readers! I'm actually shocked at the number of people following my blog. I find it embarrassing even.

Lately, I've developed a distraction so I spend even less time searching for a soul mate than I actually want to or planned to. I actually didn't think it would be this difficult a process. But perhaps if it was this easy I would have shut down my blog months ago. The hardest thing is liking someone and them liking you back. And then your parents being happy with it. Parents are meant to be your guide and make sure you make the right choice but sometimes they just make it harder by adding in their own criteria. So right now the distraction helps me forget these issues. This is going to take a while.


Contemplating said...


like you i didnt think it would be this difficult. i feel like i'm going no where fast.

Its quite draining mentally. i'm not working currently so have a lot of time on hand thinking about the search for the other half. My distraction would be to get a job....but feeling really low and down in the dumps that i keep putting off looking for one.

Amazingly i started filling an application for the other day only to get as far as typing my qualifications! Seem to have taken a 2 day break from it already!....

Also started another beauty regime sister cant keep up with which one im on now. Alhamdulillah they all involve natural ingredients - things found in kitchen! no job + paying for products only destined to be used for a week max = non starter.

i've been quite positive about my situation but this is by far the lowest i've felt. May Allah make it easy for us all. Ameen

Can i ask you to share your 'distraction'? :)

I have to say i really like checking in on your blog every so often, its nice to hear someone else's experience (though i of course pray we stop sharing this experience...very soon!).

masalaam :)

Noor Of My Life said...

I follow your blog, im going through the same difficulties and pray that any sister or brother willing to get married are able to with Allahs guidance.
We have the cultural issues and the lesser aged in my opinion immature men who we have nothing in common with offered as potential suitors. I also feel the cultural issues (pakistani) have alot to answer for, the extended family interferance and parents cave in to the pressure. Apprently if you hit thirty you arent allowed to be fussy . I pray that Allah guides a pious spouse to me and you and anyone else who is also going through this struggle .

Anonymous said...

contemplating, why don't you start your own blog, i would love to read about your stories.

Abdullah Munawar said...

May Allah make it easy for you. We shouldn't stop ourselves from perusing meaningful goals in your lives to help ourselves and help the society. I believe that it is a better to continue developing ourselves in terms of our skills and religious grounding and take the means to get married at the same time. What I'm trying to say is that we shouldn't make marriage as a goal in itself but rather a means to get closer to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. If it happens soon then Alhamdulillah, if not lets move on with life.

My best prayers and

single4now said...

Contemplating - sorry about taking so long to respond to your comment. I enjoy photography so I've been developing those skills. Every time I check my messages, I'm somewhat let down my the interests I receive because I don't find we are compatible. So I disappear into my world again.
I'll probably have to figure out something more useful to do with my time. Inshallah, after praying istikhara.

Noor - that's true. Sometimes or perhaps many times families just make it harder. They want to decide who you marry because they think they know what's best but it may not be what you really want. Ameen @ your dua.

Abdullah - Ameen and jazakallah khair. Good advice.

The Muslimah Monologues said...

Hey Single4now,

been reading your blog, sounds very good..I think I've left a comment before but not sure...

In regards to the distraction thing, I've definently developed it as well. I'm trying to find Mr Right, like actually make a conscious whereas before I was taking pretty much the laissez-faire approach (more 'lazy' than anything).

For the moment I've tried a matrimonial website and researched matrimonial events and nothing's really delivering. I've decided to set it aside for the while, but I do feel its more of a let's-just-ignore-it-for-now then a break :)

I've also started a similar blog to yours and would love it if I could get some support and tips, as I'm just starting out:

Thanks and keep it up! M&M