Thursday, 12 January 2012

Update and Contacting Me

Hope everyone has been having a great start to their new year. May Allah guide us to finding a righteous spouse. Ameen.

The search has been slow. I did come across one brother who seemed nice however location was an issue for him so we didn't actually speak unfortunately. I have planned to put aside 30 - 60 mins every day to work on finding someone since I've been very laid back about it. Let's see how this goes. I also need to cut down on my distractions and figure out my other goals in life and hopefully it'll only aid me in finding the one (that sounds cheesy). These aren't new year's resolutions but things I need to address right now.

Every now and then someone tries to contact me via my blog. Since my comments are private and need approval, please do leave your email address and inshallah I'll get back to you asap. Also, if you leave your email, do let me know if you wish to leave your comment as private/deleted. I do not post my own email because of spam and due to the nature of my blog, I would rather not have people unnecessarily emailing me.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you (you know who you are) but it's because I did not really know how to get in touch.


Anonymous said...

Asalaamualikum sister, wow! i have the greatest sense of dejavu whilereading your blog! That was sooo ME- 4years ago! Alhamdulillah- I just HAD to comment just to tell you- HANG IN THERE, THERE IS AN END IN SIGHT INSHA ALLAH! I've been there- and much worse than you- I had the 'taridtional' arranged marriage type proposals ie. the guy would come over with his family to meet my family and the girl (me) and the guy chat... Well, that does'nt sound bad? How about this?- I've been through a total of TWENTY FIVE of those type of 'proposals' over a period of SEVEN YEARS!! My first 'proposal' was at age seventeen, so the better part of my youth was spent going through that sordid mess- most of the time I could just let it slide- but sometimes (especially those times when i thought the guy was a perfect match but got turned down) i would become an emotional wreck that would last for days... the ONLY thing that used to keep me going strong was knowing that whoever I was destined to marry was out there- it was just a matter of time- but you know what- sometimes I used to ask Allah to just speed it up for me!lol.. because of family pressure, my younger sister marrying before me etc.. anyhow- this is a happily-ever-after-story, so at age 24- my dream husband became a reality- we are married for four years now and have two beautiful kids- and I couldn't be happier! Alhamdulillah... the fruits of patience is verrrrrrrrrrry sweet... He is everything I asked ALlah for and more.. my one advice to you that I believe led to my duaa being answered is this: Pray two rakaats Salaat al Hajaat after every Fard salaah and try and get up for Tahajjud and pour your heatr out to Allah Ta'ala and mention all the qualities you want in your husband etc.. because ALlah Ta'ala never lets the beggar who asks at that hour go away empty handed... May Allah grant you a compatible, loving and pious husband SOON, Insha ALlah... Love Your sister in Imaan- Umm Muhammad

single4now said...

Ameen! Jazakillah khair for the advice. MashaAllah it's really lovely to hear that Allah accepted your dua and provided you with a wonderful husband. May He continue to bless your marriage. Ameen! :)