Monday, 1 February 2010


As salaam walaikum,

For some reason I didn't get an email notification of a couple of comments but noticed they required moderation on the blog site. Generally I publish all comments unless they are meant to be read only by me or they are unrelated to any of the content on my blog. Alhumdulillah, so far I haven't got any rude comments which is great because it's a tough world to please and people don't always agree with what you say or do.

There are a few pros and cons to keeping comments moderated versus unmoderated. The cons specifically are that I don't always get to read and publish comments the same day and because of that most of you don't get to interact and respond to each others thoughts.

InshaAllah, I'll try to be quicker especially when I have made a new post. Do let me know if I have accidentally missed publishing your comments.


SoulSeek said...

I think its best to leave it unmoderated. Less hassle and if there is something you disagree with let it be and refute/engage in discussion which also allows your readers to do if you go awol.

If someone posts utter rubbish, finding the delete button isn't too difficult ;)

p.s I dislike pop-up comment boxes, embedded rocks ^_^

single4now said...

lol, inshaAllah. However, I prefer pop up boxes because I don't want my readers to move from the actual site. *snicker*

Usman said...

It appears that you are holding two of my comments. I don't think there is anything inappropriate in those comments. One of those comments I sent for the recent post.

single4now said...

Sorry, but I just didn't like the harsh remark in the last one. Also, it didn't seem like you actually read the post before commenting on it. The other I didn't feel it needed to be posted. I believe I've already mentioned that I do not plan on revealing anything on this blog that can personally identify me or people I am in contact with. Just as your blogger profile isn't available for viewing, I think you can understand & respect other people's need for privacy as well.

Hope that clarifies it.

Usman said...

Harsh remark?, No way. I never gave any harsh remark on your blog. In fact I very much like it. I was just expressing my thoughts on Other women who did not like to help you due to their own deranged thinking.

Regarding the website, well exploring your profile is never my intention. I cannot do it at all since I know nothing about you, not even name so searching you is almost impossible. I myself have tried But I didn't like it. Another website is famous fraud and one my family friend has bad experience with it. I was just trying to know what is your experience on these shaadi website. Anyway, never mind!

single4now said...

Perhaps the wording in your comment could have been more clear because it didn't come across that way.

As for websites, I can give you a list of websites but obviously I can't take guarantees for any. You have good and bad people on them all. I know a lot of people who are/were on shaadi. Haven't heard of any bad experiences from them but it really depends on the kind of people you are interacting with. You can find players everywhere.