Friday, 14 January 2011

And That Is That

I can't say it turned out negative. I'm a little confused on what to make of it. But perhaps more than me the brother is confused and perhaps a little apprehensive about marriage or it's discussion with just anyone. I can understand that because I'm beginning to realize, not everyone can be sensitive about the issue. Not even people you call friends or those you consider mature. They start arguing to you about right and wrong instead of trying to understand your dilemma.

Khair, on to other prospects. :)


Visual Notes said...

...huh? I missed a post maybe...

single4now said...

You may want to read "do opposites attract" and "waiting". :)

Sorry, I thought it would be repetitive to mention the back story.

Visual Notes said...

Ah ha, ooh, ok. I'm glad you took this you can move on to someone who is serious.

But it wasn't based on you being opposites, was it? I'm sorry a bit confused still.

single4now said...

lol, I never got mentioned because the brother didn't want to discuss marriage. So I feel it's better to move on.

Inzi said...

Perhaps you should give him a little more time to think about it..Marraige is a big step after all.
And you may be right,the brother maybe a little confused, give him a little time to sort all of it in his head..Inshaallah all will be well.

single4now said...

Walaikum as salaam Inzi,

That's not the issue. He doesn't want to discuss marriage with anyone. He won't let the topic come up in order for me to be mentioned to him by the brother.

There are other issues as well which make sense why it's probably best that he doesn't know. He has to sort out other things first.

Inzi said...

Assalamualaikum SingleforNow,

In that case, be patient and give him sum time, maybe after his issues have been sorted out,he might think about marraige and then the other brother can bring up the topic.

Have faith,inshaallah everything will be ok. Allah knows wats best for us.Other prospects may also open for you.

take care and keep posting..

Is-za Jelass said...

That is unfortunate deary, I really hope you have to deal with less issues in the future.

An unsure brother is a bad sign in my opinion.

Ummie said...

Great blog.
I'm a mother & is now following your blog.
Carry on writing.

single4now said...

Inzi - ameen. :) I kinda figured out what's holding him back and he's right to want to wait. I wasn't sure things could work out if it even managed to get past us being happy with each other because my parents have their own ideas. But it's been a while now so I'm not really thinking about it.

Is-za - indeed. He needs to sort out his issues before he can consider marriage and it's a good thing he's going for it.

Ummie - glad you like it. :D InshaAllah you can share your tips and advice as well. :)

Inzi said...

@Single4now ..ASsalamualaikum.. let see how everything works out.. You havent been posting much lately? been busy?

single4now said...

Walaikum as salaam,

lol. Just don't have many different things to write about but I have a topic in mind. InshaAllah, will write it up and post in a few days. :)

Hamid said...


When people whom you are interested in, walk away from you, do not stop them, let them go away.Your destiny is never tied to someone who leaves you and it dosen't mean they are bad people but that their part in your life story is almost over ~Hamid.

single4now said...

Walaikum as salaam,

Did I give the impression I'm hanging on to him? He doesn't even know I was interested. lol. I'm pursuing others right now. But yes, it's not a good idea to keep on waiting for someone if they aren't interested in. Keep moving forward.