Monday, 2 November 2009

Reading Between The Lines

This is just a funny conversation that happened between me and my friend. Sometimes when people write about themselves in profiles, it's not so clear what they are looking for. So, to avoid reading too much into something, I look for a second opinion and this is one such case where I asked a friend for her opinion and it made me laugh.

Me: What does this mean? "Someone who is not looking to compete with her spouse but who wants to facilitate a family oriented lifestyle. Someone who values making her life and her husband's life easier."

Friend: i think it means someone who wants to work with their spouse to provide a better life for them both

Me: *thinking*

Friend: by sitting at home and making the house comfy for him


Friend: i think this person secretly wants a pretty slave but is making it sound better

Me: haha

Hope no one takes her seriously though. And I have taken her permission before posting this. But I too, found the wording a bit strange and felt the person should've been a bit more clear.


Mon Vie & Etc said...

I agree, that's how some people end up having a messed up relationship.

Mariam said...

salaams :) not sure if you've come across this...its beautiful and soothes the heart..something I send to all my single friends.

RZ said...
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single4now said...

Mon Vie - very true.

Mariam - very beautiful indeed. Jazakillah khair for sharing. :D

NidalM said...

This is probably going to make me sound really weird... but every now and then I like hitting up and browsing through profiles for humor's sake.

And ALWAYS delivers ;P
'i belong to jatt sikh family... i have 20 kile land... i have done b. a. ....'

I wish *I* had 20 kile of land :'( Maybe then I would be married too.

single4now said...

lol, I agree. Some profiles are very entertaining. At times, I feel I'm being rude but then you come across guys looking for a "beutifull gurl with good hert" and you can't help but laugh. And in the category where they write about themselves, it occasionally says, "tell u latter". Makes me wonder if these people are just passing the time looking at girl's pics.

You can always consider putting up your profile and trying out your luck. You might not need a 20 "kile" of land. :P

NidalM said...

nah, I'll stuck to using our own version of



single4now said...

lol, good one. :P

Anonymous said...

I think the brother who wrote that just wanted to sound intelligent.

single4now said...

^ Very possible. :)